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Peterson's Happy Hour book of cocktail recipes and humorGreat warm-weather cocktails in
Happy Hour

Spirited Cocktails and Helpful Hints to Brighten Daily Life

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It's a follow-up to
Peterson's Holiday Helper

"Entertainingly irreverent"

--The Associated Press

"...attractive, nostalgic, kitsch-crammed cocktail cookbook that... should provide enough esprit to see anyone through New Year's."
--The New York Times

"A wacky collection of holiday cocktail recipes, seasoned with pithy anecdotes and served up with a hilarious twist."
--Santa Barbara News-Press

"An essential guide to holiday problems and the cocktail antidotes specifically developed for each."
  --The Austin American-Statesman
humor holiday cocktails, Christmas cocktails

Peek inside the book
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"Why spend your
life making someone else's dreams?"

--Orson Welles
to Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Ed Wood*

The Jane Austen Syndrome

The Maid of Honor

A Drop of Cream, A Scream, A New Year"
New York Times

"Digging for Summer"
The New York Times

"Spirits (Liquid, Not Ghostly)
for the Holidays"

The New York Times

"Lentils and Spices for a Dal All Your Own"
The New York Times

"A Taste of the Emerald Isle: Grocery Gems"
The New York Times

photos &
recipe development
Hot Chocolate Valentine New York Times
Hot Chocolate Valentine
The New York Times

"A must have."
The Washington Post

Cookie Craft book jacket
with Janice Fryer

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* Ed Wood screenplay by Scott Alexander
& Larry Karasczewski,
based on the book Nightmare of Ecstasy
by Rudolph Grey.

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